Lately I've been bitten by the crochet bug. Although I've been struggling to learn crochet for about seven years, it only finally clicked for me this year, with all these granny squares I've been crocheting. (I'm using this pattern.) My goal has been to have a completed blanket by this fall, and I don't know if I'll quite make that goal, but I might be close. 

Even though I'd still describe knitting as my first love in the world of yarn crafts, I haven't been spending any time knitting at all. Crochet has just captured my fancy, I guess! I was going to say that it's because it's so easy to pick up and set down, but knitting is just as easy in that regard. So it's probably just that I'm really excited about my grannies. 

In fact, I've been so excited about them, that I also made some coasters out of granny squares! I recently realized that they were just the right size and are also a solution to the condensation issue that most coasters don't handle very well. 

I made these using a 4" granny square attached to two layers of fabric—one layer of Flea Market Fancy, which I've been holding onto for a long time, and one layer of Kona Cotton. I decided not to add any type of batting between the fabrics because the granny square itself is pretty fluffy and absorbent. The yarn I used on these is Knit Picks Swish Worsted, because it's a nice soft superwash and I'll probably machine wash these. 

I've decided that I don't think there can be too many granny squares in life. Some may disagree on this point, but I'm sticking to it. Plus, my coffee table thanks me.