Made by MY Mama

So, after five days on, five days off, I thought I really should blog something today to get back into the habit. (I'm going to say that I was absent for five days because of the holiday weekend.)

My mom cross-stitched these beautiful name "plaques" (I don't know what else to call them) for my wee ones this summer. In fact, she was looking through alphabet patterns to design a community cross-stitch quilt for a co-worker (a tradition at her work for anyone having a first baby), and had these patterns sitting out. When I saw a similar example in this pattern, I asked her if she'd make some for Elisabeth and James, and she said yes. Then she had them beautifully framed.

They're done on linen, and I just love the vintage feel of them. Even the frames have that feel. I just love my mom's work. Her stitches are all so even and careful. The children that were "assigned" to the letters "E" and "J" were not quite right for my children -- I think the "J" was a girl, and the "E" was like a baby or tiny toddler, so she changed the patterns around to make it work. She even added a beagle from one of the other letters to James's (we are beagle owners).

I am sorry I've cropped the photos so severely, but when I first posted this, I was using pseudonyms for my children on this blog as using their real names was still far outside my comfort zone at the time.