For Tara

Tara, Elisabeth & JJ

My best friend from college is expecting her first baby in January. She's in the middle of quitting her job and moving across the country as her husband begins a new job. Somehow, in the middle of all this, she remains creative, generous, and gracious.

We have not lived in the same state for almost seven years. I miss her lots, even though we have both grown and changed in such different ways over those seven years. I am so excited to see her stepping onto her own path of motherhood. It's hard to express to her how much having a baby -- such a small thing, in so many ways -- really changes everything. But I know that she'll be the perfect mother for her sweet wee boy when he arrives.

For Tara

She visited for a short time on her way to her new home, and I gave her these baby gifts. I made her a sling and a silk and flannel blanket (similar to these, minus the $60 price tag!). It's a bit hard to tell in the picture, but the flannel is blue and white striped (Elisabeth picked it out, and at first I wasn't too sure about it -- there was another flannel I liked better -- but it really ended up growing on me). I love the batik print I got (at JoAnn) for the sling -- so much so that I think I'm going to get some more for a summer wrap skirt for me!

Anyway, blessings to you, Tara: for your move, your birth, and your motherhood journey. xo