The long and short of it

Elisabeth cut her own hair yesterday. Her daddy and I have been talking about taking her for a trim before Christmas for a week or so (yes, I'm crafty; no, I'm not a hair-cutter. Just ask my sister about the disaster that ensues when I cut people's hair). Apparently, Elisabeth was really worried that we wouldn't get around to it, so she took matters (and scissors) into her own hands. At first, I didn't think it was very drastic. But by the time the hair lady had gotten it evened out, it's a stunning difference.

So, here's the before:

Dreamy eyes

And the after:

Elisabeth: short hair!

It was really funny, but I hope she doesn't keep doing it! We're a family of hair people. Hair-lovers, and just plain hairy. ;)

PS: I feel like I am weeks behind on all the posts I want/need to add, but I am experiencing a lot of frustration with my dial-up connection, which is limiting me a lot here. Hoping to get high-speed soon...