Catching up (sort of)

I feel so behind with this blog! Putting unnecessary pressure on myself as usual. Isn't the point of this thing to recognize and enjoy the beautiful things in my daily life? Hmm ...

I have some fun mail and crafts to update, as well as the long-awaited reveal of my big doll-making project. But those will have to wait another day.

I do need to add that in the previous holiday reading post, I cannot believe I forgot to add Christmas in Noisy Village -- a huge favorite of ours! We love the Noisy Village books a lot.

And speaking of previous posts which require addenda, Elisabeth cut her hair again. This time, it was not so easily repairable. Actually, not repairable at all. She cut a huge chunk right out of the front center, almost down to her scalp. I've been trying to do a comb-over to camouflage it, but I really should try to get at least one picture of it in its short glory. The fortunate thing is that her hair grows faster than anyone I know, so in no time she should have some thick, stacked bangs a la Audrey Hepburn. ;) When asked her motivation for cutting her hair a second time? Well, I was nursing James and her hair was bothering her, so she just cut it off. Ah.

2nd Sunday of Advent - dinner table

Finally for tonight, some pictures. I have been meaning to post these each week, but, well, it hasn't happened. Also, I don't really have a good one from week one. so here are week two and three of Advent; we've been enjoying candlelit dinners together as a family. Elisabeth loves it and rushes to turn off the hideous ceiling lamp each night as we're getting the table set and lighting the candles. It's taken me some time, but I'm finally getting to a place where I believe that there's no point in having nice things (beautiful dishes, candles, etc.) just to save them for some theoretical time that guests might be with us, and we should be using them with the people who matter most to us.

Advent week 3

Wishing you many evenings of peach and joy this season.