I lied.

OK, I really intended to be back after my last post, and here it is, 12 days later, with nothing to show for it. We did have a brief stint with a stomach virus, but really my only actual excuse is that I am finding that getting into the habit of blogging daily is harder than I thought. Although that's supposed to be the point of this venture: making it a habit.

Also, I'm fearing camera withdrawal, so I haven't sent it yet, even though it's covered under warranty and everything.

So, here is some of my good mail from last month. I ordered these beautiful pieces from the sweet Poppy of GroovyGlassGirl, and I really love them.

Groovy Glass Girl: ornaments

I just love these ornaments so much, and I was going to keep them out all year, but somehow they did go into the box with the others -- and that's OK, too. They'll be a lovely surprise next year!

Groovy Glass Girl: bracelet

This bracelet! Sigh. I should probably get out the thesaurus because "listening" to me go on about how much I love this is probably irritating and definitely redundant! But I do truly love it.

Groovy Glass Girl: earring

And finally, these great earrings, which I found using the shop-by-color tool on Etsy. Even though James is at an age where he pulls on my earrings relentlessly and I really can't wear danglies. But I love them anyway.

I do have more mail to show off and lots of other stuff to post about ... so hopefully I'll get myself "back on track" here! ;)