I just wish to thank everyone who has been leaving me such kind comments, and Jenn, for her very sweet recent post. I really feel the love; thank you so much.

Have you visited 3191 yet? Wow, talk about inspiring! I think it's worth the cost of my internet connection alone.

I am a closet morning person. I am really struggling with coming to terms with this fact, because I've always gone to bed late and gotten up late. But I hate staying up late. I am not a huge fan of dragging myself out of bed early in the morning, either, but when I do, I function so much better in the morning hours.


Looking at mav & Stephanie's beautiful images on 3191 over the last couple weeks has really gotten me to thinking about morningtime, and what I want our mornings to look and feel like. I certainly do not want the morning to be full of chaos. I believe that the mood of the morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day. I want to strive to make mornings a more peaceful, quiet, and centered time in our lives. (Right now they are just kind of free-form and "messy" -- fortunately we don't have the "getting out the door" problem to make it really challenging!)

Peaceful cups

So, since it's January, I'm resolving to create more peaceful mornings for my wee ones and me this year.