Eating in style

This morning, I thought I'd opt for something a bit less "profound".

I'd had the fabric for these cushions waiting around for weeks, but finally just got to them last weekend. Poor James has been bumping his head against the back of the high chair long enough!

mushroomy high chair cushions

Basically, I just traced the seat and back of the chair, sewed them together with the piping (which is made using the blue, yellow and orange stripes on the bias) sandwiched between (I have to credit my friend Rebecca with a lot of this part because we were crafting together at her house and I kept "breaking" her sewing machine. Thanks, Rebecca!) Then I stuffed them with 5 layers of cotton batting (which is just cushy enough, I think. It is not like a real "cushion", but fine for eating. Enough to keep him from hurting his head!), and then couldn't decide how to "quilt" it all together. Machine quilting was out of the question -- it was way too thick for my machine -- so, I was thinking of just tying it with yarn, but I wasn't totally sure if that's what I wanted, either. I finally opted for the buttons. I think they look OK, but not perfect. Oh, well. I'm quite happy with these anyway. Who wouldn't be happy to get to look at this beautiful fabric everytime they went into their dining room?!

blurry high chair cushions

I don't really know what I was thinking when I was taking this picture, so I apologize for the blurriness, but you can see how I did the bottom cushion. I actually haven't added the buttons on it yet, but hopefully today...