little break

I need to take a wee break from my blog. I just have to send my camera in for repair (if you're considering buying a Canon, I still recommend them very highly -- the problem here is, uh, a user error). The longer I put it off, the more likely that I won't send it before the children's birthdays, which would be disastrous. So, I just have to do it. And blogging without pictures just doesn't feel right.

This is hitting at a bad time for me, blog-wise, because my site visits have tripled in the last two weeks, and I feel really in the groove of posting. But there is just no getting around this camera thing.

(The sound you hear is just a bit of weeping.)

Please keep checking in! I'll be back as soon as I can be!

Edited: No, it's not just because of my camera, and if you visit me on Flickr, you will have guessed that, because I changed almost all of my pictures to "private" last night -- most of you who I know read this are already on my contacts, but if you are not and would like to be, please email me or add me as your own contact on flickr. I haven't had a specific "freak out" incident, exactly, but I suddenly just felt really uncomfortable with my children's images being "out there." So I'm going to lay low while my camera is away and think about this a bit. I know that most of you have grappled with these issues, too, and ultimately we can each only do what feels most comfortable to us. I'm not exactly sure what that is going to look like for me. I haven't felt well (mentally) yesterday & today, and I'm sure that's a piece of it, too. Don't worry too much ~ I'm definitely coming back! Please do continue to check in. Canon thinks they'll keep my camera about a week, plus shipping time on either side. So, I plan to be back within two weeks, having thought about this "sharing my children's images" thing a bit more clearly. xo, Grace