Not friends

My computer and I are not friends this week. Or, at least, my 38 kbps internet connection and I aren't. I have been having loads of trouble loading all sorts of sites, uploading pictures is even slower than the usual snail's pace to which I have become accustomed, etc. Frustrating.

Also, have had a big project going this week, to be revealed in two days. Eeek, I better get back to work!

My birthday is next weekend, I promise a fun birthday post and some other goodies. I am trying to convince my husband that we can afford a faster internet connection. So far he hasn't quite agreed, but I am still trying. It would make my blogging life so much easier!

But, I would like to end with something un-complainy today, so I'd just like to say how much I love blogland and all of you wonderful bloggers that I am getting to know! I am getting so much inspiration and making new friends all the time! My husband and I were discussing this last night, and both agreed that blogging has been a positive addition to our lives over the last few months. It has really gotten me enthusiastic and motivated to actually work on creating instead of just wistfully wishing I could do something or being nostalgic about a time when I did (I used to do more embroidery before children, for example). And he made the point that it's encouraging for me to have gotten so much positive feedback on the projects I've shared here. So, thank you all! You are lovely!