Birthday pinafore

birthday apron

As I said previously, I had been planning to make a linen smock for Elisabeth's birthday for some time. When I saw this berry-picking pinafore last fall, I made my mind up to do a similar one for Elisabeth, especially since berry picking is one of our favorite family activities. Of course, knowing how much I like the cross-back smocks, I wanted to use that style again. (Elisabeth is refusing to allow this to be called "apron" or "smock", by the way, and insists that everyone say "pinafore.")

chest pocket

I had such fun designing and stitching the "E" embroidery on the front ~ it was definitely my favorite part of the project, and I still get excited looking at it.

I have been working really hard at making my sewing neater, straighter, & more careful lately (I've been especially motivated by this book in that area), making my backstitching and topstitching go perfectly on top of the underneath stitches, and so forth. Right now, I'm still what I would consider to be a "beginner", but I want my stuff to look handmade, not sloppy. I get easily frustrated, and have said many (many, many, many ... just ask my husband!) times how much I hate pinning and pressing and snipping threads ~ all the "extraneous" bits of sewing, right? ~ but I am trying to teach myself to enjoy even those aspects, and sometimes find myself muttering things like, "This is going to be the best pinning job I've ever done." I am not totally there yet ... enjoying the process of sewing (or anything, apparently) rather than just rushing through in anticipation of the "finished product" is challenging for me. But I'm getting better. I think the last few things I've made show my increasing attention to detail.


And I love this pinafore.