end of spring, beginning of summer...

Today is the "official first day of summer" in our home. Elisabeth began swimming lessons, my husband is finished with work until he starts his new job in August, and we are outdoors most of the day -- and into the night!


{Pants by me, anklets -- from pants scraps -- by Elisabeth.}

sea anemone 2

Last week, as the last week of spring, also marked the end of an arts class Elisabeth has been taking. It was a great experience, incorporating visual arts, dance, drama, and music. Elisabeth's favorite parts were drama and dance, of course. ;)



While this class was a fabulous opportunity for her, and one which she really enjoyed, we are all looking forward to more outdoor activities as summer swings into gear ... more outdoor meals, camping, swimming, and general basking in outdoor goodness.

Oh, Summer, how I love thee!