summer corners


We are loving the colors of summer, and the spaces that suddenly present themselves as bits of home ~ a planter that was barren, empty, and ignored all winter; a post out front suddenly come to life with vines.


I love that these corners quite literally come to life in the summertime and that our definition of "home space" expands to accomodate that, just as I love the contraction of wintertime and the coziness of that time. But winter is a long way off from today!

seasonal table for summer

I also love the constant, predictable rhythm that our seasonal table enables us to establish all year round. Its contents remain very similar throughout the year -- a seasonal doll, some postcards, the tree -- but it is a really organic process, too. Elisabeth adds bits to it frequently, and though it's quite bare in its early summer state, soon enough I'm sure it will be adorned with many discoveries from outdoors: pretty stones, flowers, leaves, shells, and even small pieces of a fallen wasps' nest have all found their home here in summers past. I can't wait to see what beauty this season and my children will welcome and bestow in this little space over the coming months.

Happy weekend!