A Little Boy

red-lipped boy

I've got this little boy now. Sometimes he is still such a little, wee baby boy. And sometimes he is such a big toddler boy:


And I've been thinking a lot lately -- a lot, even though it seems like a silly way to spend my time -- about this "internet name" he has: JJ, his first and middle initials; so uninspired. I hate it, and I think the first few posts I wrote, I referred to him as "the baby" in order to avoid coming up with something. Anyway, the more I think about this "JJ" name, and the more I get to know the real boy who is my son, the less I want to use it. Would it be too terribly confusing if I changed it? If I promise to go through my archives and change it on the whole blog? Because I really think I need to. For my mama soul.

{I have now gone through all of my archived posts and first changed his name from JJ to "Jem," inspired by the eldest son of Anne of Green Gables, and now, finally, I have replaced both children's internet names with their real ones.}