A Quilt for Claire

on the bed

Elisabeth has had a little piggy bank since she was born (well, actually it was part of a game at my baby shower when I was pregnant with her, so it was actually before she was born), and although she doesn't have an allowance, we often give her change to put into her bank. Several months ago, she became really fixated on buying this doll bed for Claire, and since she had more than half of the money for it in her piggy bank already (five years of change, you know), we told her that she could buy it once she had the full amount in there. (I kind of cheated and gave her extra money from time to time.) She was very patient and never wavered in her resolve to save for that bed. So several weeks ago, she finally had enough change, and we ceremoniously brought the contents of her piggy bank to the bank to be counted in their machine. She is too little to really grasp the value of money, but she was so very thrilled to be able to buy this bed all by herself, though it doesn't matter to her if it was $7 or $70 or $700.

She was a little dismayed, however, when it arrived without the quilt, but more than satisfied when I told her that she could pick her own fabric and I'd make a quilt especially for her and Claire. I finished the quilt at the end of last week, and although it's not perfect (my first solo quilting project -- the big quilt with my mom having been set aside for the time being), she is so totally thrilled.

Quilt_embroidery Doll_quilt

(These two photos are showing up really poorly in my browser, but clicking on them takes you to their individual Flickr pages, where they look more clear.)

The embroidery image is from a little paper-doll-girl rubber stamp that I stamped onto the fabric (using a fabric marker to ink the stamp). The quilt is self-bound with the backing, which was my lazy "this-is-how-I-make-blankets" way of doing the quilt binding, and a mistake I will not be repeating. Then I just ran it through my machine for some quick stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, and voila! A quilt for dolly.

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