1. wind, 2. play, 3. whisper ~ 2, 4. whisper ~ one, 5. necklace, 6. Who needs a swift ..., 7. bright candles, 8. beautiful face, 9. Self, 10. Dawn, 11. Peaceful cups, 12. i. love. this. smile., 13. Knot skirt, 14. Solstice night, 15. Snowy lamp, 16. peace, 17. Snow lantern, 18. Advent week 3, 19. vintage bell, 20. 2nd Sunday of Advent - dinner table, 21. butterfly & mermaid : trick-or-treat, 22. halloween butterfly, 23. halloween butterfly, 24. peeling apples, 25. puppet gnome

These are some of my very favorite photos taken since getting my camera about 8 months ago. Beyond just being favorite shots, for me at least, each of these photos evokes a sense of quiet. With two spirited wee ones, our home certainly has its share of ruckus and exuberance. But I am a person who has always fundamentally appreciated -- preferred, really -- quiet. I really relish the opportunity to "just be" instead of constantly "going." Certainly I live in this world, and I do my share of doing. But I really savor those chances to quietly observe, think, and be ~ with myself, and with those I love.