Weekend Sewing


First ~ wow. Thank you so much for all of your lovely responses to my last post. I am really, really behind on email, but I plan to respond personally to all of you who left comments or emailed me about that post. I know how important it feels to know you are not alone in these struggles, and I am honored that my words resonated with so many of you. I have gotten so much better at reminding myself that life is a process and at honoring my own needs -- for quiet & peace, for recognizing and appreciating how lovely daily life actually is. Blogging is a huge part of this for me. Both my own process of keeping a blog, and the inspiration I get from all of you. So, thank you.

it spins!

And now...

Last weekend, my husband took the children out for a day so that I could begin a deep clean and organization of my studio space (this tiny room is also where we change diapers and store James's clothes, where we keep most of our grown-up books and all of our sheet music, and our computer desk, so it gets really cluttered really fast), and have some crafting time on my own. I did get a lot cleaned out and organized, though I didn't get to organizing my fabric or paper crafting stuff. But it was a good start.


I had hoped to make a dress for Elisabeth and a new linen skirt for me, but the skirt will have to wait until another day (all that cleaning takes a long time, you know). Elisabeth's dress (See & Sew 4701) was really easy and the pattern was a cheap and spontaneous buy at JoAnn that morning (um, I went there for serger needles). I even did my first invisible zipper! (I suffered only momentary spatial confusion.)

invisible zipper

I was happy with the result. And Elisabeth? Well, she's worn it every day this week.

full length