Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mama's birthday. I wish our scanner were working right now (it isn't) so I could scan in some of the sweet photos I have of us from when I was wee, but I have just this one up right now:

My mama and me

This is my mama and me, around her 23rd birthday, and when I was about 17 months old.

I am so very proud of her. She completed her master's degree a couple months ago after having devoted so much of her life to raising and educating my siblings and me. I am so honored to have her as my mother. She's been so supportive of me in my own motherhood in so many ways, even when I've stubbornly had to find my own way and am stumbling along. I remember my husband remarking when we were still dating that my mom was the kindest person he'd ever met.

My children, especially Elisabeth, completely adore her, their "Mimi."

I love her so, and have so much I could say about her, that I feel my words are coming out very clumsily today. So I'll just end with Happy Birthday, Mom, and thank you for everything.