august 7, 1999

Eight years ago today, my husband and I were married. Look how cute -- and thin! -- we were.

It's interesting ... looking back at wedding photos, and thinking about 8 years of marriage (which sounds suspiciously closer to 10 than to 5!). Our life now is practically unrecognizable in comparison to our life then. But we're very much the same. And in all the day-in, day-out living; the dealing with old cars and teething toddlers and jobs and groceries ... well, here we are. Still us. Still together for the same reasons -- and many more, too -- that brought us together in the first place. Our relationship is probably quieter now ... certainly there are fewer arguments! But then, you know how I love quiet.

I am so, so grateful to be able to make my life's journey with this understanding, sensitive (and so much more) man. A man who doesn't roll his eyes when I get completely consumed by some idea or other, who loves (really loves) my creations, and who tells me every day, especially on the bad ones, what a good mama I am. I really love being married to him.