...is for intuitive. I have these great skills of intuition. For example, I can often tell if a person comes from a family with brothers or sisters (I can usually guess quite accurately ... how many, older or younger, etc.) When I was growing up, I had a number of foreign penpals, and we'd exchange letters about once a month. I could almost always tell when it was going to be a day for a letter to arrive from a certain one of them. Spooky, huh? Well, intuition is just the ability to make a good educated guess after doing a lot of observation. So this might be more appropriate as "o is for observant." ;)

...is for Italy. The only European country I've visited. I went on an orchestra tour of Italy when I was a teenager. It was great ... I'd love to go back, although I'd really like to go to England first. I am such an anglophile.


...is for inherited. My mother-in-law gave me a ton of vintage lace and linens a couple of months ago. She gave it to me with permission to use it to make into something else. I haven't been able to bring myself to cut into any of it yet ... I'm more a sentimental type than she is. Although I am totally appreciative that she gave it to me and encouraged me to repurpose it.

vintage doily & baby toes