the only sort-of knitting photo i could dig up

...is for knitting. Can you believe that I never took a good picture of some knitting for this post? Oops. Anyway, I learned to knit when I was 9. I didn't do much with it, though I never really forgot how to knit, through my teens and during college. The first knitting project I really picked up after all those years was a pair of white angora bunny slippers for Elisabeth's first Easter (pattern from Martha Stewart Baby). The Easter Bunny made those, actually, now that I recall. Anyway. I'd see knitting projects in Martha Stewart Living over the years (I started subscribing the summer we got married, so I now have 8 years of mostly untried project ideas), and I'd think, "I could make that." But I never did pull out any needles until after Elisabeth. About 3 years ago, a friend got me started on a pair of toe-up socks (still unfinished), and that was really when I was hooked. (Although that sounds like a crochet metaphor. But anyway.) Some time after I had James, I realized that I could read a pattern and figure out anything that I needed to, and I have really not stopped since. Although I know that I rarely share pictures of my knitting here. I kind of tend to start projects and have a lot going at once without having too many finished projects to share. However, I'm sure that'll change as fall starts to kick in and I'm more interested in cozy indoor activities. OK, I do have some photos of the hat I knitted for Alicia's sweet little N:

n's hat

It's the cabled greenspun beanie from Nature Babies: Natural Knits and Organic Crafts for Moms, Babies, and a Better World by Tara Jon Manning, knitted with Green Mountain Spinnery's Cotton Comfort -- a favorite yarn of mine.

n's hat on my little guy

...is for knuckles. I crack mine way too much. My husband hates it. But it feels good!

klee paintings

...is for Klee. I had a friend in college who believed that it was always best to decorate a room using the artwork of only one artist. I thought this was a cool idea, so I started framing Paul Klee prints for our living room when my husband and I were first married. I'm not sure if I still agree with that "rule", but I am still really into my Klee prints. I really, really love the one shown on the left above, "Rote und Weisse Kuppeln" ("Red and White Domes").

...is for Katrina Kenison. Her book Mitten Strings for God remains my very favorite book (parenting or otherwise), even after having read and re-read it at least 12 times over the last 5 years. Not a "how-to" parenting book, it's a collection of reflections that I find endlessly inspiring every single time I pick it up.

...is for kidney stone. My lithotripsy procedure is today. I am really nervous. I've never had general anesthesia before, and it's pretty scary to me. I just can't wait until the whole thing is over. I'm sure I'll be begging to see my babies afterward. I don't know if I'll post tomorrow or not. My urologist seems to think that the recovery on this procedure is less than 12 hours. But we'll see.