...is for Lucy, our 7-year-old beagle. She was my first anniversary gift from my husband. I was thrilled to pieces. Over time, honestly, she has really become my husband's dog rather than mine. I am not as attached to her as I wish I could say I were. She is a noisy dog, and has a real naughty streak to her. But she is truly the most gentle dog when it comes to children. They could probably sit on her and simultaneously pull her ears and tail, and she'd just patiently wait it out. And, sadly, years of apartment life (lack of a proper yard and exercise), are beginning to wear on her and she has some bad arthritis in one hip already. Oh, Lucy, you deserve some love.

...is for late. Oh, my, I am always late. Everywhere I go. Sadly, I think it's actually a personality trait.

...is for laugh. I have a really "distinctive" laugh for which I was teased a lot as a girl. It is a bit guffaw-like. I don't actually mind it at all; I think it sounds sincere rather than superficial. My husband has always said he likes it, as well (one of the reasons I love him, of course). And Elisabeth has inherited it from me. ;)

...is for lunch date. 10 years ago today, my husband "asked me out" for the first time, and we had lunch together on our university campus. It was understood from that moment on that we were exclusively seeing one another. I'm such a sentimental one, I know.

Despite the fact that Elisabeth has been denying autumn's arrival all weekend (most trees haven't begun to change around our house), I will say that we have had some very un-summery weather today. The sky just opened up and it began to rain, a steady, quiet rain. Not like the torrential downpours of summer. So, I think autumn has arrived.