Cozy & Sleepy

I am still a bit sleepy from staying up too late working on projects, visiting with friends, and so forth, for the last week. I almost didn't post today, but then I thought, we really can't have that. So here are some photos of coziness from around our home.


I love sleeping wee ones. Especially sleeping wee ones who are all snuggled up together.

a favorite spot in our living room

A favorite spot in our living room. I could have "styled" this photo first, admittedly, but I also appreciate the realness of it. This is what my children's toys look like at the end of the day. A bit picked up, but not perfect. The cord from our new-to-us (via my mother-in-law) lamp kind of sticking out, not situated yet. Just a sweet spot in a family's life. I love it.

some more decorations going up

I'm a bit slower on my autumn decorations this year than usual. But they are slowly making appearances here and there.