Meet Hanna!


So here she is, the doll I'm calling Hanna. (Yes, without an "h" at the end. Because I'm a Scandinavia-ophile.) I made her to resemble -- who else? -- me. So I thought some reverse naming was in order. The name Ann means "grace," so it had to be an Ann-derivative. But for an orange-haired doll, Ann felt a bit too much like Raggedy Ann. Or Anne of Green Gables. Or Little Orphan Annie. So, she's Hanna, for now. Until she reaches her new family, which is ...

tossing them into the hatclosing her eyes even though she can't read

first namenext two names

and the winner is...


I also have two runner up gifts. They are some duplicate back-issues I have of Martha Stewart Kids. They go to Lori and Dawn. (One is Spring 2004 and the other is Winter 2004. Let me know if you have a preference, ladies.)

and the runners-up are...

Hanna still needs some finishing touches, but I plan to ship her no later than Dec. 10. The magazines will go out this week.

Thank you all so very much, once again, for making my blogaversary so much fun!

xo, Grace