With the wee ones off to my mom's house, I'm home alone for an afternoon of doll-making. I often think I can't get anything done with my two babies running around. But it turns out, when I'm home alone, I'm lonely for the ruckus. Anyway, I needed a short break from the handsewing and the smelling of our dinner in the crockpot, so here I am.

This morning we made some peppermint bark. We all agreed that it was delicious but too much made for a sick tummy!


It was super simple -- we didn't use a recipe or anything. We just crushed 12 candy canes (using the towel & rolling pin method), melted about 16 oz of white chocolate in the double boiler (it was a 12 oz bag of white chocolate chips and most of one Green & Black's white chocolate bar -- not an allergy-friendly food of mine, I can say, but so yummy anyway), spread it out on some parchment paper, sprinkled and swirled the candy cane bits in, put it in the fridge (the freezer would be even better, but our side-by-side freezer is way too small), and 20 minutes later, voila! Easy, festive, fun, yummy!