Christmas Day Sewing

one more, just because

Since I was so behind with all my gifting this year, I ended up doing some sewing on Christmas day. This quick and easy bag for my youngest sister (who is practically impossible to shop or make for), inspired by Erin's, was cranked out in about an hour. My sister adored it, which is especially gratifying.


The "recipe" for the bag is here, and I didn't really change it at all for this bag. I did add some fusible fleece as an interfacing to give the bag more structure. The outer fabric is from Repro Depot, I believe, and the lining is just a green cotton. You can see the handle better in this one:

bag - handle

(It's not really crooked, it's just hanging crooked from the chair.)

And the vintage button I used, which is actually more red than it looks:


(That's snow you see, not dander or something. I like to photograph everything I make outside for some reason.)

And, no report about my Christmas Day Sewing adventure of 2007 would be complete without sharing the fact that I sewed through my finger with my sewing machine that day. All the way through it. The needle broke off while it was in my finger and was sticking out from both sides. My husband had to pull it out. It still hurts an awful lot, but is not infected, thankfully. I am not usually very squeamish -- actually, I'm really fascinated by all things surgical, etc. -- but I almost passed out from this. However, now I'm kind of wishing we took a picture of the needle in my finger. But we didn't, so you're spared. ;)