A Really Unusual Post for Me

I very, very rarely go to the movies. So it's especially unusual and noteworthy that I have gone to see two movies in the last month. I knew almost nothing about either of them beforehand -- my husband and I went to see The Golden Compass last month, and my mom really wanted to go to P.S. I Love You, so I went to that with her last week.

I didn't really pay attention to The Golden Compass. I could only very vaguely summarize the plot if asked -- there was a lot of running about in snow with polar bears -- because I just couldn't get over the costumes! I was literally consumed all through the movie with ideas about how to make this dress & pinafore number,




and sweater


for my girl. (Sorry about the weird image quality and sizing. I don't really know how to do that.) Anyway, the blue dress with the red pinafore is just killing me! Isn't it great? And the hat would be so easy and cute. Some chunky yarn, a rectangle of stockinette stitch sewn down the back. Can't you just see it? I can. I'm a dork.

P.S. I Love You was, well, super depressing. But the charming Irish guys kind of redeemed it, I guess. ;) At the end of the movie, I noticed in the credits that there was a "Craft Service" for the film. A Craft Service? Um, what do they do, and can I work for them? Do you suppose they make things like curtains for the main character's apartment? Fabric bits for her business venture? (I'm trying not to give that away in case anyone cares.) Or provide other crafty essentials? I think that would be a pretty fab job to have. In all my spare time, of course.

And finally, in more film notes, I saw that they're making The Other Boleyn Girl into a movie, to be released in February. I read the book postpartum with James (along with its two sequels), and while not the most stellar literature, the author has a reputation for careful historical research, and I adore the subject matter. I am quite sure that I'll end up working out another movie night for this one.

{This post seems to have struck a nerve with a number of people as I have gotten more emails about it than any other! I would like to say that I meant no disrespect to anyone in the television or motion picture industry by my innocent guess about what a craft service is. I also would like to clarify that I was not offering a "must see" recommendation on any of the movies mentioned in this post. I am not attached to any of them in any way, and am not associated with any of the publishers or filmmakers involved.}