All hats, all the time

i love this little hat...

Last week, when my fingers were so itchy to knit a Thorpe hat, I took my wee ones with me to our local yarn store and we chose yarn to make a hat for each of them. The Thorpe was completed for Elisabeth by the next morning, and then this hat for James was cast on and completed on Friday.


This is one of the "Kim's Hats" (earflap variation) from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I loved it for its simplicity and ease (the decreases were so very basic). It is a great canvas for all sorts of design ideas. I will make this hat again. (Not this week -- I promise, no more knitted hats around here for a little while!)

ear flap

I do think I liked the earflaps better on the Thorpe, though. And I think I could've knit it a bit longer -- it doesn't cover as much of the neck as I'd like. But otherwise, I love this hat, the random stripes (my method: hmm, I think I'll add a stripe now), the yarn, and the garter brim. (I absolutely love the look of garter stitch. I don't much love the row after row sameness in knitting it -- I like a bit of diversity when working a pattern! -- but the look is so satisfying to me. I think it's just that I really like all things basic and simple.)

another one

The yarn is more Manos del Uruguay (that's what my children chose), in Olive (#55, the green) and Stellar (#110, the variegated). I knit this one on size 9 bamboo needles.

Now, photographing this hat was another story altogether. James doesn't particularly like hats -- not this one, or any other. He screams every time we put one on him (hence the handiness of the ties), even when it is 10 degrees outside (like today). Once we had it on him today for the "photo shoot", and he was happy enough for me to start snapping away, he was running all over the place and hardly stood still long enough for me to get a decent close-up of the hat. So, you may not get a very good idea of how I did the striping. (I do think I will line it, like this one, to maybe cut down on the itch -- hopefully that will help him to like wearing it better.)

top of hat

Anyway, halfway through January, my children finally each have a decent hand-knit hat from their mama. What could be better? (Other than coming inside for a bit of hot cocoa?)