Did you have a sweet Valentine's Day? We did. In a literal and figurative sense.

J's valentine

The wee ones awoke to valentines and gifts at their places at the table. I got the idea for the valentines from The Purl Bee. (And can I just add how much I love The Purl Bee? They're brilliant, I tell you.) I love the way these look, and I love the fabrics here. Perfect for these, if I do say so myself.

E's valentine

Then we spent most of the day with my mom, having lunch and super-fancy pastries at a little old-fashioned Swiss restaurant, then off to an indoor play area (I don't love those, but my little ones seem to...) for the kids to run and jump and play. (We did end up with several inches of snow yesterday and a high in the low 20's.)

We headed home, and I had cello lessons to teach right away. Then some dinner (Mexican food and margaritas) when Daddy got home, and off to bed.

Very sweet indeed.