Easing back in...

out in my new shoes

...with a picture of my feet. Heading out for an evening with friends on Friday night. In my new shoes that I am breaking in for my upcoming trip to New York.

first tiny flower of spring

And with the first tiny, unfolding flower of spring, in a crack in the cement. My computer sabbatical was refreshing, and I think I should have taken it a little sooner. Now I feel a little bit like this flower, slowly opening back up.

I have some projects, as well as just some life, to share with you this week. And I'm having fun checking back in with so many of my favorite blogs ... it's amazing to see what all of you have been up to these two weeks! And now I'm going to get off the computer. Because it's fantastic. But so is everything else that's going on here. And I need to remember to keep that in balance.