Dilemma! Immediate assistance required!

(I have a birthday celebrations post with answers to many of your questions to me over the last few days waiting in the wings. Tomorrow, OK?)

I'm leaving for my trip to New York in a few days. (My mom and I are going together -- it's my 30th birthday present/her "I've been someone's mother for 30 years?!?" present.) One of these bags is coming with me, to carry my camera around in while we're there, and as a carry-on for the plane.

But, I can't make a final decision about the fabric. I was originally planning to go with this fabric, from Joelle Hoverson's new Cake Rock Beach line:

dilemma: 2

(Which I love.)

But then I started thinking, this is kind of monochromatic (which might be a good thing...), maybe I want something more bright and springy? So I pulled out this Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope floral, and the green and white dot (which is from Bee's Knees by Glenna Hailey):

dilemma: 1

So, what do you think? (Either way, it's going with that charcoal gray -- which I know looks black, but it isn't -- corduroy, shown behind the prints.)

I'm making the bag tonight, so be quick with your votes!

(PS: I bought all this fabric, except for the corduroy, from Sew Mama Sew.)