Remember me?


Hi, my name is Grace, the person who formerly posted to this blog. That's me in New York. On a trip that I took and really want to tell you all about.

Computer. That's all I have to say. It's still dead (I suppose that's kind of redundant), and I don't always have access to the laptop, since it isn't actually mine. And I hate editing photos on it anyway, because despite your reassurances, I think they look bad.

So. These are the things that I think still need some updating on this blog. I am making a list so that you can hold me accountable. Although the timeline might be sketchy depending on computer yuckiness.

1. Trip to New York. Very quick summary: It was so awesome. Too short. But then, I wouldn't have wanted to leave my children for any longer. The opera was the best part. By far. (Although getting to see a very dear friend for the first time in six years and meeting this lovely blogger for the first time ever were also incredibly fantastic.) For now, here is a photo of the Grace building on 42nd Street, just because I had to share it:

grace building

2. Elisabeth's birthday doll

3. Another doll that I completed and mailed off recently

4. James's birthday gifts

5. Completed messenger bag (Here's a photo of it for now.)


6. Catching up on my 52 Weeks, My Kids and Me photo project

7. My Virtual Quilting Bee square for April, which I completed about three weeks ago

8. Other various and sundry projects completed sometime in the recent past

Whew! That's really a list! OK, nothing to do now but begin to tick it off. Slowly. :)

PS: Reader Anne left a comment to my last post that a set of birthday ring characters made by the same company as mine (though not the same exact set) can be found here.