From the Land


Last weekend we visited our CSA farm and picked asparagus. It was a sunny, warm (but not hot) morning.


It didn't take too long to finish our row, with a laundry basket nearly full of the long stalks.



Afterwards, we visited with some chickens, cows, a goat, and the cutest little piglets.

feeding piglets

The piglets ate right out of my children's hands -- they were so gentle and playful. It was great fun!


When we got home with our 8 (or so) pounds of asparagus, determined not to let it go to waste, Elisabeth and I cleaned and trimmed all of it. We blanched it in batches -- 2 minutes each -- and then submerged it in ice water until it was cool.

ready to freeze

Then we dried it and divided it (what you see above is not all of it, either!).

Elisabeth commented several times that this work reminded her of the olden days. I knew just what she meant: working to gather our food, and then spending time preparing it in large batches to be used over a long period of time. It's so important, I believe, for children to experience this. It can be so easy to assume that all food comes from the grocery store, and to become disconnected from the source. I'm so glad that we have these opportunities through our CSA.

So, now we have about 8 meals' worth of asparagus, which is wonderful, since we are an asparagus-loving family. {For many years, I declared that it was my least favorite food. I claimed that it looked appetizing, but tasted bad. Then one time, about 3 years ago or so, we were staying with some friends and were served a meal with asparagus in it. Not wanting to be the only person not eating it (all of the children were), I went ahead and tried it. And, to my surprise, I loved it.}

And in just a couple of weeks, it'll be time to pick (and preserve) strawberries!