Dear friends, I'm so sorry my posting is still so erratic. I'm having some good days, and still many yucky ones. I appreciate all of you who continue to visit and leave comments despite my irregularity in this space!


As autumn has crept into our surroundings, our daily lives, our home, and our hearts, we've found ourselves beginning to draw in and begin the work of settling into this new house. It has been coming along -- very slowly. But we're getting there. Each box unpacked, each room arranged and rearranged as we settle into how we use this space, is a huge check off my list. Actually, a card tossed away. (I'll share in an upcoming post the little to-do system that I came up with to handle the overwhelm of moving while very ill.)


And with each box of toys that is unearthed, my little ones have a new batch of things to polish. Roughly half of our toys are made from wood, mostly "raw" wood (that hasn't been varnished or lacquered or treated). We like to polish it with a beeswax wood polish (I prefer the natural scent over the lemon-lavender). It smells so good, gives our toys a bit of protection from dryness & cracking, and leaves them with a lovely patina. And, best of all, polishing is such a relaxing activity for my children, especially in the "witching hour" right before dinner.