I'm Thankful

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Even though it's two days late, I wanted to post some things I'm thankful for in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. (Though it's never too late too be thankful, right?)

So, I'm thankful ...

~For two happy, funny, sweet, healthy wee ones, and the new baby who continues to grow just fine despite my constant rottenness.

heather's muffin

~For Heather's fantastic pumpkin muffin recipe. So moist and delicious ... absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving breakfast.


~For sweet, sweet friends who give me presents just because. (And if you love this scarf as much as I do, Claudia has some in her shop!)

~For lovely, fantastic friends in general -- here in my hometown, and all of you around the world.

christmas cards ~ ready to send!

~For Christmas cards that are ready to go into the mail today.


~For boys who love dollies.


~For puppies, especially those who live with my brother. ;)

~For the winter and holiday books that are sneaking their way into our daily rotation. (And into my right-hand sidebar!)

~For happy family silliness.

sweet potato pie

~For a certain girl who is so very, very excited to share her new writing prowess with the world. (And for sweet potato pie!)

snowy sunrise

~And for snowy sunrises.

Hoping that all of you have much for which to be thankful, as well.