Christmas Dolls

Thank you all for your lovely holiday wishes! I hope you have all had a beautiful holiday as well, and that you're spending this last week of the year taking things slowly, relishing a bit in holiday goodness without the pressures of having to plan and prepare, and perhaps celebrating the twelve days.

I've mentioned in a few posts that I had a last few doll orders to send off this year. I hadn't intended on doing any custom dolls for the holidays this year, and these orders were all from a few months ago. But being so sick with this pregnancy, and breaking my right ankle at the end of the summer, which prevented me from sewing for many weeks (I know, I never mentioned the ankle here ... it just seemed like another thing to complain about and I didn't want this space to become about complaining!), I got very, very behind. So I just had these last three to finish up, and I managed to get them all sent and delivered in time for Christmas (though barely!).

So, introducing...


Emmie, my first international doll -- she now resides in the UK!


Nellie, my first African-American doll, who was made for a 10-month-old baby girl who shares my birthday. I braided her hair to avoid a strangulation hazard since the baby is still very little. This little one was a recipient of one of my birthday crowns, as well.


And Amos, who was meant to be a birthday present way back at the end of July to a little one whose mama was so, so very patient with me throughout this process.

I'm hoping that all of these dollies will become treasured friends to the little ones who received them this year.

As always, more pictures of these dolls, and others I've made, in the flickr photoset.