Daily Creativity

Thank you all so much for your sweet response to my last post. I enjoyed going through my photos for the year and looking for projects that I'd made but had never shared here.

I've been more quiet in this space than I've intended. I think Leslie said it best in this post -- it seems that I've just been busy "doing what I do." For me, right now, that's a little bit of catching up on sewing projects, a little bit of nesting in anticipation of the new baby (which I'm sure will kick in with a cleaning-the-baseboards-with-my-own-toothbrush-at-midnight fervor in another couple of weeks), some knitting for baby, clearing up from -- and bidding a wistful goodbye to -- the gaiety of Christmastime, adjusting to Daddy being back to work full-time in the last week, and planning some projects -- like trying to get a bit prepared for the birthdays that will fall in the days and weeks around when I give birth, a collaboration with a friend (more details on that to come!). So, as Leslie said, the daily grind is good. It's just left me with a little bit less to say.

daily creativity

But our days are still filled with bits of creativity. I'm inspired as I see James begin to have a "purpose" to his drawing, and as Elisabeth expands her knitting skills to include decreases and double-pointed needles. Small moments open themselves to exploration and wonder when we leave a bit of space for that in our days.

daily creativity

So here's to moments of quiet creativity in our daily lives. Wishing for much of it in my own life and in all of yours!

PS: I hope you've all discovered habit! It's my favorite new project of the year!