Baby's Bunting

I've been trying to finish up some projects for baby as the days keep ticking by. (At this point, I'm now pregnant longer than I have ever been!)


So, here's a bunting I started working on at the end of December. It knit up fairly quickly, and I finished it quite a while ago, although it took me until this week to sew on the buttons (which are vintage shell, from my stash).

The pattern is "Frustration is the Mother of Invention" from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid Knits. It was really easy, although there is an error in the book on the sleeve increases. The correction is on The Yarn Co.'s website, although I found that I needed to increase less than the correction stated to get to the right width and length. So, some playing with the sleeves might be necessary if you ever end up making this.


The yarn I used for the body was KnitPicks Andean Silk, which is super-soft, but very splitty. I wanted to knit the whole thing in Malabrigo, but I didn't think my baby would get to wear it more than a few times with such a late-winter birthday, so I decided to opt for a cheaper yarn. I do think I would like the bunting better in Malabrigo, but it's still soft and super cute. The contrast ribbing is Malabrigo worsted in sunset.

Hoping that the next time I share a project here, I'll have a baby to model it. Though, I will selfishly admit that I still don't want to share my birthday (which is the 25th of this month). Hoping baby will come before then!