Nearly a month

Hello, everyone! Thank you all so much for your sweet and supportive comments lately. There is just so much kindness around the blogging neighborhood, it really touches me. Thank you.

Our sweet wee girl turns a month old this week. One month? I can hardly believe it. Many things have happened in that time, including my newborn baby slowly transforming into what is apparently going to be a chunky infant, and I can hardly account for all that time. But one thing I can tell you is, it doesn't feel like it's been a whole month.


Lots of gazing at tiny hands and feet has transpired, as well as lots of holding and singing, and lots and lots of nursing. And we've been feeling growing pains -- all five of us. Balancing the needs of a newborn with the needs of my two older children, and a husband who works a lot, has been hard. I'd forgotten what a challenge it is even to get a shower sometimes.

fiona and mama

However, I wouldn't trade anything, not even a million showers by myself with the door shut, for one moment staring at this sweet baby.

asleep in amy's hat

I feel like there's a lot to share with you all, and that'll come. But I'm working hard at not making a lot of commitments, even to this blog, for now. Right now, in this moment, getting to know Fiona, finding our footing as a family of five, celebrating 4 birthdays and Easter within 6 weeks, and caring for and protecting myself (against PPD) feel like the most important "jobs" to be focusing on.

That said, so many of you have asked to hear a birth story, and I'm working on one, including just a few photos of those precious and intimate first moments of Fiona's life (nothing explicit, however) to share here. This is the first one of my children's births to be documented in this way, and I'm excited to put the words with the images. Hopefully it will be ready to share in a few days.

Until then, I'm back to cuddling on the couch with my sweet girl, her lambskin, and some knitting.