Fiona's Birth Story


In honor of her one-month birthday, I have Fiona's birth story ready to share. After finishing typing the birth story up, I realized it's really, really long for a normal post, and I do describe a lot of the details of my experience with childbirth, which perhaps not everyone wants to read about. So I've made it a separate page, which you can link to here. Most of the photos were taken by one of my midwives, and at least one that I've chosen to share is very out-of-focus, but it was a really special moment in time. I had hoped to hire a birth photographer for this birth (and even briefly discussed the possibility with this photographer, though she lives thousands of miles from me), but given the fact that James was born in only 60 minutes and we were expecting this one to be at least that fast (which would have made it difficult for anyone, even a local photographer, to arrive in time), as well as the fact that we didn't really have the money for it anyway, we just asked the midwives to snap as many photos as they were able to get.

Anyway, I am so happy to share this birth story -- and, really, just to have it written out for my own memories.

I hope that it brings joy to those read it, and as long as comments can be positive and G-rated, I am accepting comments on it. If I receive any "yucky" comments -- either about my birthing choices or that are crude or offensive in nature, I will close the comments. Thank you for being respectful of me and my family.