Seven years old!

{the magical moment}

{hyacinths gathered by the birthday girl}

art caddy 
{organizing some supplies in her new art caddy -- I love how her seven-year-old mind works}

We spent a lovely day celebrating our new seven-year-old today.

all those candles!

Seven feels like such a rite of passage to me. I remember being seven so well, and it was one of my favorite ages to be. I remember that feeling of newfound independence, confidence, that sense that the world was a huge, new opportunity.

grace seven 
{me at seven}

I'm in awe of the fact that my own child has reached this amazing age already. In some ways, she still seems quite little to me. But I'm seeing more and more the thoughtful, capable, graceful, strong-willed young lady that she is becoming. And I'm amazed, and just blown away by her, and the fact that we are in one another's lives.


Oh, I love you, my seven-year-old. And I hope seven is your best year yet!