fiona's baptism21

fiona's baptism23

This weekend, we celebrated Fiona's baptism. It was a beautiful and simple celebration, with just our family present. And we are all still feeling so joyful, two days later.

fiona's baptism7

fiona's baptism9

My younger brother served as her godfather, and it was so special for us to come together in this way, and for me to see my big "little" brother assume this role in my wee one's life.

fiona's baptism11

I have embroidered a stole for each of my children's baptisms, and I was determined for Fiona to have one, too. I lost track of time this time -- we've had a lot going on over the last couple of weeks -- so it was churned out mostly the day before. Some of the purple air-fading ink that I used still showed on the day of the baptism (this is the same kind I used with the last two, so I'm confident it will eventually fade), but otherwise I was happy and relieved that it was ready for her.

mama and fiona

fiona's baptism15

It was a beautiful moment in time.