A bonnet for the babe


I'm a real hat mama. I insist that my wee ones wear hats nearly all the time during the first year of life -- and a lot of the time thereafter. ;) A lot of people ask me about this -- it's less and less common, it seems, to keep babies in hats. I have a lot of reasons for it -- to protect my (bald!) babies' delicate skin, to help keep their temperature regulated, because it's an old tradition (and I'm nothing if not into old tradtions!). But perhaps the biggest reason for me? They are just so very cute!


I made this bonnet for Fiona last week. The pattern is Amy Karol's bonnet pattern (available here, click "shop"). I love this pattern -- this is the second time I've made it, and I'd like to make it again. (The first one I made was for a friend of Elisabeth's about a year ago -- here.) The pattern is so simple, and is designed in a way that you can hardly help but have it turn out well. It's that easy!

This bonnet is a little bit too big for Fiona -- my babies have all had fairly small heads. Next time, I will probably alter the back of the pattern to be a bit narrower.

big smile

The fabric I used is Park Slope by Erin McMorris, which, sadly, is not being printed anymore and is getting harder to find. The ribbon is some vintage acetate ribbon from my stash, which I had to hem because it was so very, very ravelly!

bonnet crown

Because the fabric is directional, but the pattern was written to be cut as a single piece, I ended up cutting two pieces and seaming them together at the crown. I wish that I had done it so that those tiny edges of birds didn't show, but otherwise, I like the way it turned out.

it's so cute i have to take pictures of it from every angle

Really, the bonnet is so cute that I can't resist it.

sweet girl

Even more irresistable is the baby cuteness in the bonnet!

Here's to babies in hats, and a summer of more bonnets to come.

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Thank you all so much for your encouragement about my upcoming shop! I'm excited to get everything finished and get the shop up! I'm still aiming for next week.