Making camp


We spent a lovely few days camping this weekend. A lot of our friends have commented on our "bravery" for taking new babies camping, but it's something we've always done and enjoy doing. Over the years, we've discovered what kinds of camping situations work well for our family -- where we like to go, for how long, what we need to bring to make it comfortable and fun for everyone, etc. We have it down to a system at this point.

So we spent a lovely few days playing, enjoying one another's company without other requirements or pulls at our attention, just focusing on one another. It was perfect.

knitting in the tent

We did a little knitting,

hanging out

and a lot of lying around nursing in the tent,

played many games of picture bingo,

jumping off rocks

jumped off rocks,


made our campsite beautiful,


listened to the sounds of our feet walking on a soft bed of pine needles,

reading in the tent

read some of our favorite books,

snuggled by the campfire,


ate just a few marshmallows,

listened to the rain falling on our tent,

rainbow (photo by elisabeth)

and then saw a rainbow,

walking stick

found a new favorite walking stick,

and so many other favorite things.

This year my husband is working on his dissertation and I'm single-parenting most of the time. So this dedicated family time was welcomed (and needed) by all of us.

Like anything out of the ordinary, it's hard to say goodbye and come home, and a little hard to adjust back into "regular" life, even after only a few days. But I also think that happy family times like these are what carry us when things get a little tedious or stressful on a daily basis. I feel like every positive thing we do with our children, no matter how small, helps to create that family "culture" that we really long for. That's why something as small as a weekend camping trip is such a special thing, and gives me so much to think about. It takes us a step out of the ordinary, and refreshes my parenting, reminds me of the small things that help to make a day special, helps me to recommit to things that had perhaps slipped a little in my daily interactions with my children.

Now the camping gear has been stowed on a shelf in the garage, and I don't think we'll get out to the woods again this year. But what a good time it was!


{I promised some shop news this week, and the news I have is a little disappointing -- I'm not ready to put it up yet. I don't know how I always think things are going to happen so much faster than they actually do! Anyway, I still have a lot of sewing left to do, but I really would like to get it all up and ready soon! I will be sure to announce it here in plenty of time. I'm thinking early next week. Thank you all again for your enthusiastic support!}