More colors of autumn

I'm really loving Autumn Colour Week. Aren't you? It's a great reminder to me to be sure to get a few colorful photos in every day. ;)

autumn green2


autumn green

Another one for green. We were at the orchard about a week ago (more on that soon), and then again today. It's amazing to see how much things have changed in that short time. The apples are about gone, the leaves are starting to dry out. What a transformation!

autumn orange

Orange. I am so, so proud of these pumpkins of ours.

yarn for this year's martinmas sweaters

And some other colors for autumn. Every year, I gift my children with a new handknit for Martinmas (November 11). This is the yarn for this year's set. I was concerned that the three colors wouldn't go well together, but they look beautiful, I think! I have Elisabeth's and James's almost completed but I still need to cast Fiona's on. Hopefully this week...

PS: You can find out more about the yarns and which yarn is for which child on the flickr page.