Virtual Quilting Bee: almost done

With these two submissions to the Virtual Quilting Bee, I am nearly finished with the project -- I have one more that is ever-so-close. The blocks that the ladies in this group have created have been amazing. I have to say that I'm glad I'm not the only one who has encountered bumps in the road to finishing -- it makes me feel a tiny bit less guilty.

Although I still feel pretty guilty, because check this out.

virtual quilting bee -- june

This one was completed in January. Uh-huh. Eight months ago. It was for Anina, although she actually already completed her (very beautiful!) quilt without my block. It's OK, though, because I am the only one who did a traditional log cabin block, and I don't think it would have necessarily fit with the others. Oh, well. (And goodness, if you're reading this, Anina, please don't think I'm giving you a guilt trip! It's my own fault.)

VQB August1

And this one was completed in March. When Fiona was just one month old. It's for Eren, and it is my very favorite of all the blocks I made for the VQB. I took about a million pictures of it, because I was so proud of the way the corners met so beautifully, the colors ... I just love it.

VQB August2

VQB August4

She wanted something that looked traditional and scrappy, and I was excited to make a traditional-looking block for her because that's my favorite quilt look.

And the one that I'm almost done with? I worked on it the week before I had Fiona, so February. So, yeah, apparently I'm even slower once I FINISH the block than I am before I start on it.

Anyway, I promise to complete it soon. Very soon.