About comments, computer screens, and hats

Aw, you all are so nice! Thank you for your sweet responses to my last post. It was so fantastic to hear from some of you who had never commented before! I love hearing from you and I'm working on getting more responses out as soon as I can more readily access my email.

You see, I'm not posting from my own computer today. My monitor died over the weekend -- we replaced the computer itself about a year ago, but the monitor was about 7 years old -- and until we replace it, I can't get onto my computer. So today, I'm on a borrowed laptop and feeling kind of weird that I can't dump the photos off my camera. I have some lovely photos from a beautiful weekend (there was snow!) to share in this space.

In the meantime, Fiona really needs a new autumn/winter hat, and I have three that I'm debating between. Opinions welcome!

This one? (Ravelry link here.) This was the one I was originally planning to do, but now I'm hearing that it runs big, which will not work for my baby -- all three of my children have small-ish heads (as do both of their parents, coincidentally!), so I'm not so sure.

This one? (Ravelry link here.) This one looks almost the same, but has ties instead of the button tab. I have no idea if it runs small or big or in between.

Or perhaps this one? (And on Ravelry.) This one has a slightly different look, but I'm wondering if its design may be more accomodating to those with smaller-than-average heads? On the other hand, the ribbing on the other two probably helps with warmth.


OK, my next post will contain photos. I promise! See you soon.