Jack came to town

Jack-o-lantern, that is.

pumpkins and snow

This was the tenth year in a row that my friend Rebecca and I have carved pumpkins together. Rebecca pointed it out, and it hardly seems possible ... but it seems that it really has been that long! Anyway, from the days of the two of us working together as bank tellers -- me, a recent college graduate and newlywed, she a recent high school graduate and transplant to our state -- to the current crazy mix of husbands, babies, dogs, cats, and -- well, always the original Martha by Mail pumpkin carving kit we used that first year. Always a simple dinner of pasta, salad, and bread. And always laughter.


From fancy Pumpkin Masters designs to simple, traditional designs of our own (and our favorite inspiration in the last couple of years from this book), we may have a friendship that was originally built on pumpkin carving, but it's so much more now. I love you, Rebecca!

contemplating design

carving so carefully

This year was the first that Elisabeth designed and carved her own pumpkins. (Some of these came from our garden, too!) What a mix of pride and terror trepidation there was in this mama's heart as I watched her have at it with the little knives. Oooh, but what joy and pride in my girl's eyes, to see her staying up late with the grown-ups, carving away.

contemplating design


And matching her grin to her pumpkin's:


bat in the snow

How I love Jack and the memories he brings.


Tomorrow: a full costume report!