To accompany the eating

high chair cushions4

Of course you knew I would mention the high chair cushions, right? I made these especially for Fiona. I still have the ones I made for James -- and I love them, but I used quilt batting in them and they've become quite flat and floppy over the years.

high chair cushions2

So with these, I decided to use this stuff instead, and have been so happy with it so far! Hopefully it will stay nice and springy through many washes.

high chair cushions5

The fabric is by Kaffe Fassett (I think it was called millefiore), and I love it so much. It reminds me of the colors and motifs in the work of some of my favorite painters.

high chair cushions3

This red grosgrain ribbon actually came on a package from Alicia a long time ago -- it was still attached to its tag in my ribbon box! Thank you, Alicia -- we'll think of you every time Fiona eats.

Edited to add: The high chair itself was a craigslist find a long, long time ago.

In addition to her new mama-made cushions, Fiona has a new wee wooden mug, which is made by Heartwood Arts, a new wooden spoon, which is made by Camden Rose, and of course, her beautiful ladybug bowl from Melissa.

high chair cushions8

I try to be very mindful about the things that come into our home. (Sometimes I'm more successful at this than others....) So, if it means having only one of something, and really learning to care for it, rather than having a whole slew of (whatever it is) ... well, then so be it. We don't really need a drawer full of baby spoons and bowls and cups and whatnots. One of each really is plenty. In the end, I think we probably spend the same amount of money on a few high-quality items that we really want, and which will last for a long time, as we would on a large quantity of cheaply made ones. It means I need to wash up every time, but that's a worthwhile habit, anyway. ;) And I believe that it's important for children to have beautiful things, too.

high chair cushions7

Whether they're the cushions we sit on, the utensils we eat with, or the food itself, here's to things of beauty for us and for our wee ones!