Martinmas knits 2009, part 3

Sorry I wasn't able to post sooner today, the day just got away from me.

e sweater1

So, I guess I've unconsciously saved the best for last. Elisabeth's 2009 Martinmas knit is the Children's Poncho (also by Knitting Pure and Simple). The yarn is Malabrigo worsted in Hollyhock.

e sweater2

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever knit. As I was knitting it, row after row, increase after increase, it seemed a bit tedious, and it was always bunched up in my knitting bag. But oh, my goodness. The moment I saw it on my little girl on Martinmas morning, I almost gasped. The color is so amazingly rich, in the way that beautiful kettle-dyed Malabrigo yarns are. The drape (besides the somewhat annoying flippiness of the garter edge) is gorgeous. The weight is luxurious.

e sweater10

e sweater3

I wish the color were better in these photos so you could get a real idea of the beauty of this garment. You'll just have to trust me -- and coming from someone as picky as I am, you know it's true.

e sweater3

More details: I added pom-poms to the ties because I loved Erin's so. This is the largest size (10-12), and I knit it about 4" longer than the pattern indicates. I wanted it to be long enough to cover Elisabeth's arms completely (which it would if the edge wouldn't flip up -- I'm going to try to block it better if she'll relinquish it long enough). I remembered hearing that the pattern ran small, and I'm so glad I went up to the largest size. Elisabeth is tall for her age, but I may have tried the 6-8 size if I hadn't known better, and that would have been too small.

e sweater5

Anyway, here's to beautiful knits in beautiful yarn, for beautiful daughters who love their handknit ponchos.

e sweater7